Globally compliant cookie consent management that’s robust yet easy

With increasing regulations and enforcement actions on cookies, tracking technologies, and ad tech, it’s important to ensure your digital marketing and advertising remain compliant.
TrustArc privacy expertise and automation help you meet global consent requirements with minimal effort while helping you maximize opt-ins and fuel customer trust.

Manage different and evolving cookie requirements with ease with our cookie consent management software

Your digital presence puts you in front of consumers everywhere. Each jurisdiction can have constantly evolving and unique requirements when it comes to cookies and online tracker management (e.g. California’s CCPA, EU/UK GDPR, Colorado’s CPA, Connecticut’s CTDPA, Montana’s MCPA, Texas’ TDPSA, Oregon’s OCPA, Canada’s PPIPs, Quebec’s Law 25 and more). Non-compliance with the latest requirements invites costly legal consequences and erodes customer trust in your ability to protect privacy.

Cookie Consent Manager

Cookie consent automation and expertise ensure you stay compliant


Built on a platform constantly reviewed and updated by in-house privacy and legal experts, TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager provides a privacy-first, always-compliant global cookie banner.

It’s designed for easy setup, scanning of trackers and installation on your websites.

And once in place, it automates key activities like tracker categorization, and, when necessary, blocking of cookies based on user responses, all in accordance with the laws across jurisdictions.

Privacy-first cookie management software

Cookie Consent Manager
Global compliance with multiple brands
Easily meet the requirements of multiple privacy laws and regulations from across 100+ global jurisdictions, and manage multiple international domains and languages.
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Privacy-first capabilities and Google partner
Optimize digital experiences with a Google-certified CMP (consent management platform) partner. Enable Google Consent Modes, Global Privacy Controls (GPC), Do Not Track Signal recognition, and opt-in/opt-out requirements like Do not Sell or Share to ensure compliance.
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Amplify your advertising compliance
Control sharing or selling of personal data to advertisers using IAB frameworks and our technologies to comply with regulations such as CCPA or GDPR.
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Enable seamless consent experiences across multiple devices and browsers
Allowing you to improve customer experiences, reduce bounce rates, and improve website conversions without constant cookie banners popping up.
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Transparent compliant disclosures
Allows you to support opt-ins and promote transparency and trust with your customers and effortlessly manage your privacy and cookie policies. Online trackers disclosure requirements are required for example by CCPA, CDPA, UCPA, CTDPA, and CPA. Unique and transparent notices, like TrustArc’s GPC Financial Incentive Notice, works with CCPA to protect participation in customer loyalty, referral, and discount programs.

Easy installation and configuration

Privacy Profile Laptop

Instant cookie consent set-up

Deploy customized cookie banners in four easy steps, with one script for all your websites and one for your mobile apps.

Cookie Consent Desktop

Highly configurable cookie consent banner experiences

Multiple configuration options with geo-graphic IP detection to meet both your jurisdiction-specific compliance requirements and your brand requirements.

Cookie Consent Desktop

Real-time executive reporting and dashboards

Enjoy on-demand metrics (device type, opt-ins/opt-outs, bounce rates) with flexible filtering and integrations for complete visibility.

Automated cookie discovery and tracker management

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Automated Website Scanning

Perform unlimited and frequent scans of online trackers on your website to identify suspicious trackers and meet compliance requirements (e.g. CCPA, CPA). Configure advanced scanning capabilities for vendor management (e.g. scan behind logins or HTML forms).

Cookie Consent Desktop

Automated Categorization

Cookies are automatically bucketed in required, functional, and advertising categories – no manual intervention needed, simply review.

Cookie Consent Desktop


Enable auto-block functionality to support different consent users cases, including “zero-cookie load”.

Hands-free option with Technical Account Management Services

Add a technical account manager (TAM) to help you set up tag management systems, implement sophisticated configurations, or undertake other advanced technical services.

TrustArc solves multiple issues across our enterprise for ensuring we meet regulatory requirements for data privacy. TrustArc’s solutions help us track cookies, perform user preference management and perform internal privacy impact assessments to understand and assess maturity across all of our affiliated companies.”

Tim C., G2 Review

TrustArc has a solid platform with strong customer account management, making it easy to manage multiple international domains.”

Chris S., G2 Review

It feels great to have a partner helping us to get running and ensuring our compliance with the regulations, and providing customers a good experience.”

Simon B., G2 Review

Build a positive brand with
customer’s privacy at the forefront

Powerful cookie consent & tracking management allows you to be confident you’re compliant,
while providing the best experience for your customers.