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Latest Privacy Guidance and Helpful Information for Companies Focused on Re-Opening

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected most companies, with many of them needing to change how they operate. In light of the uncertainty, this resource section provides access to the latest guidance and other helpful information.

Key Questions Companies Should Consider when Re-Opening during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

✔ Can I require employees to return to the office?

✔ Can I require employees to report that they have been diagnosed?

✔ Can I require temperature screenings of all who enter our facilities?

✔ Can I require reporting that a member of the household has been diagnosed?

✔ Can I require employees to use a contact tracing or exposure notification app?

✔ What information can I share regarding an infected member of the workforce?

✔ Can I require employees to report exposure?

✔ How should I evaluate and control ongoing remote work data leakage risks?

Comparison ChartNEW

The COVID-19 Comparison provides summarized analysis from 100 regulators on the following topics:

  • Whether certain legal exceptions apply, such as for public health, healthcare, public interests, or vital interests
  • What can be collected from employees and visitors
  • Requirements related to disclosure of confirmed cases
  • Processing of location data

Regional Maps

Regulators’ Guidance on Return to Work After COVID-19 for the United States, Canada, and European Union & United Kingdom.

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Additional Resources


  • Providing guidance for employers navigating privacy and security issues; and
  • Discussing the privacy implications of new mobile technologies tracking individuals to prevent the virus’ spread.


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