Know your data flow risks?

Know your data privacy risks and not only where what personal and sensitive data you retain but also the rest of your compliance requirements for an accurate and comprehensive data inventory.
Without being able to see the location, use and purpose of the personal data flowing through your organization and your third-party vendors — your lack of visibility into your privacy risk could mean a high level of scrutiny for data breaches and regulatory fines, especially for cross-border data transfers.

Manage personal data and enterprise risk

It’s vital to understand your data flows for internal systems, third parties and vendors/partners – especially from a global perspective.
Global privacy regulations in more than 60+ jurisdictions dictate that you conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) or Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to show compliance. GDPR Article 30 in particular requires a single source of truth for a Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) to demonstrate compliance.
Minimize data privacy risks and prevent unintended privacy data exposures.
Data Inventory Hub

Continuous compliance & auto-risk mitigation

Save time and reduce risk with automated data flow mapping, risk analysis and remediation for on-demand compliance reporting and audit trails.
Automated risk analysis, scoring and mitigation analyzes your data, detects and scores risk — and generates the follow-up actions needed to comply and mitigate risk quickly. Safeguarding your organization and privacy data from unintended exposure.
Simplify vendor management by easily capturing and tracking risk and compliance with all your third-party vendors.

Assessments efficiently identify risk

TrustArc’s assessment management solutions enhance visibility and
record risks, as well as streamline workflows for privacy teams.