Automating Legitimate Interests Assessments and Balancing Tests.

TrustArc’s Legitimate Interests Assessment and Balancing Test

The TrustArc Platform offers built-in intelligence to perform the balancing tests for you. Built by a team of privacy experts with a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, the Legitimate Interests Assessment and Balancing Test identifies the benefits and risks of data processing, then assigns numerical values to both sides of the scale. With conditional logic and back-end calculations, the TrustArc Platform provides a full report on legitimate interests at the business process level.

As a result, privacy leaders experience key benefits that support their analysis and decisions.

Save Time

Privacy leaders can save time and reduce operating expenses by automating Legitimate Interests Assessment and Balancing Test against global laws and regulations with the TrustArc privacy Platform and Assessment Manager.

Save Time

Respond to Business Needs

The Legitimate Interests Assessment provides an immediate understanding of sensitive data with a full report of the Legitimate Interests Balancing Assessment showing both the Benefits Significance and the Risk to Individuals on a 1-5 scale.

Business Needs

Generate Audit Trails

TrustArc privacy consultants can help you understand your regulatory environment and risks; design your vendor management program; define your risk scoring model and vendor prioritization; and develop policies and procedures.

Audit Trails



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