Marketing Privacy Assessment


Ensure marketing programs are compliant with all applicable privacy regulations.

With the rise of privacy concerns related to consumer data, marketers must be cognizant of how marketing processes and programs align with regulations. Keeping track of the evolution of your marketing strategy and its alignment with global privacy laws requires deep expertise and analysis. This assessment will help you test your use of personal data, identify gaps in your marketing privacy program, and create a prioritized action plan to ensure consistent use of data across all marketing activities.

TrustArc Marketing Privacy Assessment

TrustArc consultants assess your privacy program against all relevant laws and regulations, and provide a prioritized, step-by-step implementation plan for a marking-focused privacy program. The deep expertise of our privacy consulting team is augmented by the TrustArc Platform — powerful technology that ensures the assessment is comprehensive, complete and accurate.

3-Step marketing privacy Compliance Review Methodology

Our proven three-step methodology is a fast and effective way to assess your current marketing privacy position, develop a roadmap to get to where you want to be and create an audit record of your efforts.

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Phase One
Assess Compliance

Assess compliance across all business units. Deliverables include a summary of gaps and remediation recommendations.

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Phase Two
Develop Plan

Develop a prioritized action plan with specific remediation recommendations, schedule, and budget / resource estimates.

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Phase Three
Build Consensus Implement Programs

Custom review with key stakeholders to build awareness, and gain agreement on your action plan. Topics include gap & risk analysis, industry benchmarking, and resource plans.

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