Why risk assessments?

Stay proactive and rigorous on privacy gaps and risks in your organization to prevent costly and embarrassing mistakes. You can also easily provide regulatory bodies with audit trails and reporting that demonstrate continuous compliance.

Privacy Assessments: regulatory requirement and best practice

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA), Transfer Impact Assessments (TIAs) and data protection audits are some of the required ways to demonstrate compliance.
Whether to comply with a regulation or understand, identify and score risk, privacy assessments are considered a necessity in for privacy-by-design program management.
Assessment Manager

Streamline vendor and company assessments

Our robust library of pre-built templates — created and maintained by privacy experts — saves the time associated with generating company and vendor assessments.
Save time with an automated assessment workflow that auto-generates actions and regulatory recommendations. No more juggling the shared drives, email or spreadsheets that are logistical nightmares.
TrustArc Assessment Manager completely automates your assessment process, from identifying where you’re not in alignment with regulatory requirements to defining your paths to remediation.

Streamlined Vendor Management

TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub & Risk Profile helps you streamline vendor risk management with auto-tagging, auto-risk scoring and customized reporting tracking – so your compliance assessment is all in one place.