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What is AdChoices and the blue icon?

Many websites contain advertising which the website publisher uses to help cover the costs of operating the site and services they offer. The website allows other companies to advertise their products and services. Some ads are selected based on your past browsing activity – and are often called online behavioral ads or interest based ads.

TrustArc does not control the ads or content you see on any websites (other than, but does help power the AdChoices service which enables you to control the type of ads you see online.

How AdChoices Works

When you see an ad online, and there is a blue triangle in the upper right corner, it means the ad is an online behavioral ad (OBA). A sample ad is shown below.

If you click on the icon, a new window will open with some additional information on how the ad was selected for you. A sample informational notice is shown below.

If you want to control the use of OBA on the website you are visiting, you can click on “Set Your Ad Preferences” and a new window will open which provides several options to control the types of ads you see. Please keep in mind that AdChoices provides control over whether you will see ads based on your past browsing activity – if you opt out of OBA you will continue to see ads on the site, but they will not be based on your browsing activity.

Questions about ads on a website?

If you have questions or concerns about the ads you see on a website, contact the operator of the website you are visiting. TrustArc does not have any control over the type of advertising displayed on the websites you visit.

Questions about the AdChoices program?

If you have additional questions on the AdChoices program, visit

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