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Consent & Consumer Rights

Website Monitoring Manager

Identify and monitor cookies, trackers, and website behavior to deliver a secure digital user experience

Deliver a secure digital experience

Using cookies and other tracking technologies enable companies to provide an enhanced online experience for website visitors. However, these technologies also introduce privacy compliance risks along with challenges of visibility into the dozens or hundreds of third-party trackers on a website.

TrustArc Website Monitoring Manager is the most mature and comprehensive website monitoring solution to identify compliance risk, conduct cookie audits, and manage trackers for consent. With our solution, gain a comprehensive understanding of your website’s tracking behavior and deliver a secure and faster digital user experience.

  • Understand website's tracking activity

    Schedule deep website scans, including subpages and behind login pages, to detect trackers across different web properties and understand their impact on website performance

  • Automate cookie and tracker categorization

    Identify and organize trackers into predefined categories including Required, Functional, and Advertising, or create custom categories that suit your individual business needs

  • Analyze tracker and risk analysis

    Analyze detected trackers against an extensive tracker database and easily vet which vendors are at high privacy risk with the TrustArc proprietary Privacy Sensitivity Index (PSI)

  • Generate comprehensive reporting

    Share website data with your team and analyze tracker details including type, frequency of use, and metadata to make informed compliance decisions

Reporting dashboard

Tracker categories

Tracker resource chain analysis

Understand your website’s tracking activity

  • Visibility into who can access your website data

    Gain insight into where third-party trackers come from and what tracking technologies they use to collect the data through tracker resource chain analysis.

  • CCPA support

    Determines the trackers that should be categorized as service providers and third-parties for CCPA purposes.

  • GDPR support

    Addresses guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (French CNIL).

  • Integrated with TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager

    Easily implement a consent mechanism and meet GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA consent requirements.

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