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Meet TrustArc CEO Chris Babel

TrustArc CEO Chris Babel Joined the Company in December 2009

As CEO, Chris is responsible for setting the company’s strategy, vision, and direction. This encompasses everything from what markets to enter, what products to deliver to help our customers succeed, and how to differentiate TrustArc.

Chris believes that critical to succeeding is TrustArc’s culture and team.

“The best strategy in the world still loses without great execution from people who understand the company’s direction and are passionate about our shared success.”

Daily, this can vary dramatically from meeting externally with customers or prospects to improve our market knowledge or internally hosting our monthly “Beer with Babel” meeting where employees can directly or anonymously submit any question they have about the company and our direction.

TrustArc’s Changes Over Time

When Chris started at TrustArc, the company’s name was TRUSTe and we had just transitioned from a non-profit organization with 60 employees to start building our technology platform.

Today, we have between two and three hundred employees with more people in product and engineering than we had in the whole company ten years ago.

Managing the transition to a full-fledged technology company and transitioning the culture with the market concerns around privacy exploding has been a massive change to TrustArc and an exciting challenge.

The Top Privacy Challenges for Companies

Simply keeping up with privacy best practices and current regulations is a challenge for most companies. Designing privacy into products and processes and ensuring compliance with the varying regulations in every country in which they operate is even harder.

Scaling good privacy practices and technology to competitively differentiate, gain consumer trust, and enhance brand reputation, loyalty, and growth is the ultimate challenge.

What does Chris like most about working at TrustArc?

The people, then the people, and finally the people!

“At a small company you spend more time at work than you do with your family or friends so you had better enjoy your co-workers, customers and business partners.”

What is TrustArc CEO Chris Babel up to when he’s not working?

With three boys only a bit over three years apart, fun non-work time is devoured by kid’s activities. Skiing, soccer, tennis, swimming and water polo teams for the kids dominate time out of the office.

But he does manage to sneak some personal time for early morning trail runs and kite surfing.

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