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2024 Data Privacy Trends: A Mid-Year Check-In

  • On-Demand

Six months into 2024, and it is clear the privacy ecosystem takes no days off!! Regulators continue to implement and enforce new regulations, businesses strive to meet requirements, and technology advances like AI have privacy professionals scratching their heads about managing risk.

What can we learn about the first six months of data privacy trends and events in 2024? How should this inform your privacy program management for the rest of the year?

Join TrustArc, Goodwin, and Snyk privacy experts as they discuss the changes we’ve seen in the first half of 2024 and gain insight into the concrete, actionable steps you can take to up-level your privacy program in the second half of the year.

This webinar will review:

  • Key changes to privacy regulations in 2024
  • Key themes in privacy and data governance in 2024
  • How to maximize your privacy program in the second half of 2024

Webinar Speakers

Val Ilchenko General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, TrustArc
Paul Iagnocco Head, Customer Enablement & Principal, Data Privacy, TrustArc
Federica De Santis Associate, Goodwin
Kathryn Helin Lead Counsel, Privacy, Snyk
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