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Is your Privacy Program Ready for a Funding Series?

Derek Wyszynski Sales Director, TrustArc
Paul Iagnocco Head, Customer Enablement & Principal, Data Privacy, TrustArc

Raising capital is necessary, and a sometimes painful task most companies endure. Positioning your company, team, and product in a way that is irresistible for investors is an art. So why do you need to think about your Privacy Program when knocking on investors’ doors?

A strong privacy understanding and prioritization will be a differentiator with investors. Every business must deal with privacy in some capacity, but those who can incorporate it into their DNA will establish they are planning forward.

Our special guest, Beatrice Botti, VP – Global Data & Privacy Officer at DoubleVerify will discuss how privacy plays a role in her company growth, and our expert panellists will help you identify the right steps to make privacy a key differentiator that will set you apart even more in your next funding round.

This webinar reviews:

  • Why building a privacy program will benefit your company
  • How to build a robust privacy management program that’s ready for investor questions
  • How to grow privacy as a competitive differentiator while building your company
  • How PrivacyCentral will scale with you and optimize Privacy workflows

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out, we’d love to help. Contact us or call us at 1-888-878-7830 or +44 (0) 203 078 6495.

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