Risk Profile deeply understands global data risk considerations, continuously monitors and aggregates risk and delivers mitigation recommendations for both inherent and residual risks of business processes, systems, data transfers, third-parties, and company entities. Risk Profile works with privacy leaders to identify high-risk business activities, conduct the appropriate risk evaluations and calculate the risk at the business activity level, and aggregate risk insights across the company to ensure a comprehensive risk profile is always available to the organization.

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Dynamic Dashboard: Simple visualization of risk factor distribution across regions and countries. Easily identify Company, Third Party, inherent and residual risk across your organization in real-time. Gain an aggregate view of privacy risk across all systems, vendors, partners, and business activities for simple and holistic management.

Risk Algorithm: Automated and comprehensive view of risk across third-party and internal processes as it pertains to more than 1800 rules and 130+ laws globally. These deep intelligence capabilities of the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform helps companies identify high-risk business activities, determine the appropriate impact assessments, calculate their risk at the business activity level, and immediately understand overall organizational and third party risk.

Drill-Down Capabilities: Access a detailed view of risk factors, underlying business process and system records associated with a Company Entity or Third Party all from one page. The Drill down cards provide quick access to associated records, recommended assessments, and generated reports to help you mitigate risk across your organization.

Risk Evaluation Heat Map: Privacy leaders have full control to go deeper within any business activity level to further investigate risk. With an easy-to-use heat map, users can indicate the perceived inherent risk of a particular business or third party process. Ultimately, this risk evaluation measures the inherent risk that provides the baseline for automatically calculated residual risk.

Dynamically Generated Impact Assessment Reports: Privacy owners can now manage privacy programs with the confidence that they have the right controls in place for risky systems and business activities. The risk algorithm streamline users’ selection of an appropriate DPIA or PIA. These assessments result in dynamic reports that can be used in executive meetings, audits, and other business reviews.

International Data Transfer Risk Mitigation: Risk Profile risk algorithm library to include over 1400 new rules related to data transfer risk arising from international data transfers in business process data flows. Risk profile automatically detects data flows with data transfer risk and recommends relevant data transfer compliance mechanisms to mitigate those risks and demonstrate compliance with GDPR, LGPD and similar privacy laws around the world.

Automatically detects and provides an end-to-end automated process for holistically managing privacy and data risk across an organization.

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Risk Evaluation Heat Map, empower Privacy leaders with full control to go deeper within any business activity to further investigate risk. Tooltips provide hover over explanation of different risk levels.

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Save time by automatically calculating risk and streamlining evaluation of controls in place to mitigate such risk.

Easily view and control risk across your Company Entities, and Third parties within any System, Business process, or record.

Communicate compliance needs to other leaders with dynamic reporting.

Automatically detects the presence of 8 different categories of high-risk factors.

Aggregates risk evaluation, including inherent and residual risk, by record type.

Holistic management of privacy risks across all of your systems, vendors, partners, business activities, and operations.

Recommends assessment type, manages assessment workflow and status, and produces dynamic reports.

Automatically detects data flows with data transfer risk and recommends mechanisms to mitigate those risks.

Powerful Dashboards provide a high level view, while also allowing drill down capabilities providing detailed view of risk factors right from the dashboard.



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