Map personal data and manage privacy risk

When it comes to personal or sensitive user data use in your organization or with third party vendors, you can make it easy with a privacy-first software solution.
Save time and reduce privacy risk with automated data flow mapping, risk analysis, and remediation for on-demand compliance reporting and audit trails.

Privacy Assessment Manager

Data privacy tagging, classification, and managing a ROPA

If you collect personal data as part of your business, you need to know a number of specific things about it: how exactly it flows in and out of your (and your vendors’) systems, how much risk it poses in the process, and where it’s likely to create the most risk, for starters. You’re also required to produce various privacy compliance reports, including records of processing activities (ROPAs) under Article 30 of GDPR.

Vendor management and third party data risk

Managing data protection practices of your third party organizations can be difficult and time-consuming. This is especially true when third-party risk management continues to be a major concern, with more than 10% of companies losing trade partners due to data security risks they find when evaluating privacy compliance risk across a company’s end-to-end supply chain of vendors. (Source: TrustArc 2023 Benchmarks Report).

Data Inventory Hub

Streamline data privacy operations and vendor management with TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub & Risk Profile solution


TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub & Risk Profile solution is the compliant-first solution for managing privacy data and operations. Focused squarely on the needs of the privacy office, it ensures your business processes and supply chain achieve and demonstrate continuous compliance — while making privacy administration more efficient.
TrustArc’s data mapping and ROPA solution combines automation with collaborative functions so you can easily generate data maps and reports, including the records of processing activities (ROPAs) that GDPR requires. And our Risk Profile solution helps you immediately identify risk and provides recommended actions or assessments to remediate risk, so you can streamline vendor management.

Simplify your privacy operations

Fast, flexible data collection, input and inventory
Simplify privacy data management across your organization, with automated processes designed to speed data input and streamline recordkeeping. We have flexible input methods that save time and increase accuracy, and integrate with data discovery solutions so you can scan data at scale or through our ServiceNow and Snowflake integrations.
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Automated data flow map generation
Meet the ROPA requirements of GDPR Article 30 with automatic generation of data flow maps from the data you collect, input and inventory.
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Auto-risk analysis and scoring
Automatically detect data transfer risk and receive alerts when your data flows are at risk based on data origin and other enterprise criteria. Our automated risk scoring is based on 130+ laws, including Data Protection Impact Assessment and Privacy Impact Assessment identification.
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Automated remediation

Generate automated follow up actions for each record and flag when you need to conduct a PIA or Vendor Assessment. Easily download and export automated company and vendor risk reports.
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Vendor management
Easily capture and track vendor privacy risk and compliance, with automated actions for risk scoring, remediation, and report generation and export.

With TrustArc, the ability to manage data subject requests in combination with data inventory and risk assessments is key.”

– Director of Privacy and Cybersecurity

With TrustArc we are kept aware of necessary risks, roadblocks, and best practices related to our web presence, data handling, etc from a global perspective. In an industry (Medical & Industrial Equipment) which is already managing too many mission critical RA/QA/IT tasks, this light in a gray area really delivers.”

– Michael L., Marketing Coordinator

For us, TrustArc has been a savior. Our data privacy administration, which was previously a difficult and time-consuming procedure, has been simplified by the program.”

– Sean S., CFO

TrustArc is perfect for tracking your company’s data inventory.”

– Sarp K., G2 Review

Data Inventory Hub is a game-changer – it’s like a map that shows you how data moves around in your company. Super helpful for knowing and jotting down everything about data processing.”

– Tim C., G2 Review

It’s a big job — TrustArc can help

Making sure your organization and vendors are complying with data privacy laws can become an overwhelming challenge — but it won’t, if you have TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub & Risk Profile solution.