Demonstrate your online advertising privacy compliance

To ensure privacy compliance in the rapidly evolving space of online advertising, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has built an industry certification standard designed to help organizations demonstrate their commitment to industry best practices and standards around privacy safeguards.
TrustArc is the leading service provider of DAA privacy validation, providing organizations with a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to ensure adherence to standards and advise with certification. TrustArc’s blend of technology and privacy expertise is a cost-effective way to demonstrate adherence to DAA principles.

DAA Validation and AdChoices Program provide transparency and control

The DAA has long been at the digital advertising forefront — leading and defining best practices with a self-regulatory industry framework and certification that safeguard data privacy, and ensures transparency and control with online behavioral advertising across connected devices.
A prominent feature of DAA certification is the DAA’s YourAdChoices program which informs consumers about data collection and use with internet-based advertising (IBA).
Adhering and certifying with DAA helps companies build transparency by providing explicit real-time data use disclosures and choices to consumers with publishers, agencies, and advertisers.
Build brand trust by demonstrating responsible privacy practices with your digital advertising.

DAA AdChoices

Increase trust in your advertising


TrustArc’s validation service helps you easily demonstrate compliance with DAA’s Addressable Media Identifier (AMI) Policy Framework to ensure users and providers of AMIs continue to safeguard consumer privacy.
Drive revenue and reduce risk by ensuring your digital advertising operations are aligned with industry standards and best practices, while building trust with your customers.

How it works


Privacy review

Our team works with you to define the assessment scope and efficiently guide the discovery of necessary information.

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Policy and procedure assessment

The assessment is augmented with information gleaned from a review of the company’s policies, procedures and a technology review to demonstrate the effectiveness of control activities.

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Action plan

An Action Plan includes a gap analysis, risk summary and remediation recommendations. The plan outlines actionable steps and tracks your organization’s progress as you demonstrate and achieve compliance.
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Remediation & validation

Assistance with necessary remediation steps, including access to relevant templates and process change advice.
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Findings report

As proof of your Validation an official Findings Report can be shared with your business partners, demonstrating your commitment to privacy standards.
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Digital Advertising Alliance Validation Letter
After completing the required changes, we authorize your use of the TRUSTe Validation Letter on your organization’s privacy notice or corporate website.

Access to Operational Templates

Validation customers receive access to TrustArc’s Operational Templates — 1000s of templates and resources that align to our assurance programs and regulations, categorized by applicable privacy management activities that map to your validation requirements.

Easy validation, guided by experts

Our team of experts offer an effective combination of deep industry knowledge and a breadth of regulatory experience to help you attest to your advertising activities. Having validated more than 1,000 organizations’ compliance against regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, TrustArc has a proven track record of providing certifying entities with an easy to understand, substantiated validation process.