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Publishers and Advertisers

Simplify global regulations and industry frameworks requirements


Confidently protect consumer data and minimize risk

A rising tide of regulations and industry standards on data privacy rights have given consumers more control over their personal data. It is more important than ever for website publishers and advertisers to have privacy solutions that enable them to comply with these regulations and standards, while delivering a seamless user experience and optimizing monetization goals.

Deliver data transparency and control

Website Monitoring Reporting Dashboard

Ensure compliance with global regulations and industry frameworks

Comply with IAB TCF, IAB CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA in a single implementation. Optimize consent engagement and customize the consent approach to deliver a seamless user experience.

Give your audience control over ad preferences

Meet DAA/EDAA/DAAC program requirements. Augment ad targeting and enable consumers to make informed decisions on their ad preferences through data transparency and control.

CCM Desktop
Website Monitoring Reporting Dashboard

Understand your website’s tracking behavior

Know what trackers are on your website and identify compliance risk, conduct cookie audits, and manage trackers for consent. Leverage these insights to deliver a secure and faster digital user experience.

Demonstrate privacy compliance for EDAA requirements

Ensure compliance with self-regulatory frameworks through detailed audits and completing the EDAA Privacy Certifications. With EDAA Privacy Certification, minimize compliance risk and build better consumer and partner relationships.

CCM Desktop
Website Monitoring Reporting Dashboard

Minimize privacy risk with TRUSTe Data Collection Certification

Companies that collect data such as personal identifiable information (PII) and sensitive segments face additional compliance challenges unique to their business and operational environment. Reduce privacy risks for companies that act as third-party collectors.

Build brand trust

Simplify and automate data subject requests fulfillment to meet the various response timeframes. Collaborate with your team and dynamically assess requests to deliver accurate, secure, and on-brand responses to your consumers.

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