TrustArc congratulates IBM on the milestone achievement of being the first company to certify their data transfer practices with TrustArc under the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CPBR) system.


One of the certification requirements is to have an Accountability Agent to certify compliance with the CBPRs. TrustArc is the first Accountability Agent for APEC’s privacy framework, worked closely with IBM to ensure both online and offline data collection points were in compliance with the CBPR system.


TrustArc will monitor ongoing compliance and deliver consultative services throughout the partnership.


The safe handling of consumers’ personal information is crucial for the success of businesses as they enter new markets with different privacy frameworks. TRUSTe continues to support efforts, such as the APEC CBPR system, to further the interoperability of privacy frameworks worldwide.


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