San Francisco — March 9, 2021 — TrustArc, the leader in data privacy management and automation, today announced PrivacyCentral, the first data intelligence center that provides a single point of entry for managing every phase of an organization’s privacy journey. PrivacyCentral simplifies the creation and management of ongoing privacy programs and eliminates the reliance on repetitive compliance processes as a new regulation is introduced.


Data privacy is of enormous importance to companies today. Consumers will pay a premium to vendors that exhibit more stringent privacy policies, and are more likely to trust companies that don’t collect as much personal data. Moreover, nearly three-quarters of organizations report enjoying significant business benefits from stronger privacy practices, and many feel that the greatest obstacle to leveraging data is data privacy. However, many organizations still use a piecemeal approach to building data privacy programs or solutions that require manual input and rely on point-in-time assessments.


PrivacyCentral Breaks Down Barriers to Comprehensive Data Privacy Programs
“Data privacy management today is complex, siloed, and inefficient,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “Too many organizations still manually assess, plan for, and demonstrate compliance with each law. These processes are often repeated and are not repurposable across other laws and regulations. The result is an ad-hoc approach to data privacy when an ongoing, scalable program is needed. TrustArc designed PrivacyCentral as a single source of truth and trusted advisor for all of an organization’s privacy requirements.”


PrivacyCentral is a centralized intelligence center to guide organizations’ privacy priorities, planning, readiness and demonstration of compliance. The platform includes real-time benchmarking capabilities so program managers, whether privacy leaders or IT data stewards, can view and compare privacy status based on priorities that matter to their organization.


Leveraging AI, PrivacyCentral conducts automated, intelligent assessments of company records, systems, and data against constantly changing laws and regulations, including GDPR, CPRA, and others around the world. These assessments work seamlessly with the TrustArc Privacy Library, Attestor, and TRUSTe Assurance Programs to deliver continuous, contextual, and actionable insights for privacy program managers.


PrivacyCentral delivers automated, customizable reports from the insights it generates. These insights simplify privacy management and help deliver a comprehensive, scalable approach to data privacy. PrivacyCentral also helps privacy program managers:
● Save time by continually detecting, analyzing and determining which regulations are likely to apply to a company’s data. PrivacyCentral then helps privacy teams prioritize each law and set timelines, assign owners, adjust plans, and evaluate detailed KPIs.
● Increase efficiency by simultaneously evaluating requirements across all relevant laws and regulations.
● Simplify implementation, progress tracking, and reporting status of data privacy programs by combining and aligning privacy controls with privacy management activities across the privacy lifecycle.


Customers Celebrate TrustArc’s Ability to Drive Business Forward Through Privacy
“Johnson Controls is committed to transparency in serving its customers,” said Sachin Kothari, vice president and chief privacy officer, Johnson Controls. “TrustArc has enabled us to bolster our data privacy efforts with its industry-leading technology and expertise, with the support of TrustArc’s platform and team. Johnson Controls is focused on delivering exceptional products and services to customers while retaining the openness we prioritize as an organization.” “We have built a strong relationship with TrustArc for our ongoing privacy management,” said an executive at a large multinational non-profit organization. “This relationship has provided insightful perspective about the data privacy landscape and how ongoing privacy can drive business forward, enabling us to better understand our future needs for innovation.”


TrustArc will discuss PrivacyCentral in further detail at its upcoming Privacy Risk Summit. The virtual summit takes place March 10 and 11 and will feature case studies and keynotes about what the future of data privacy holds. More information is available here.


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