Based on Forrester Research investigated the current state of the 20 most important data protection tools, where Forrester assessed “20 of the key traditional and emerging data security and privacy technologies that security and privacy leaders and their staffs can use to underpin a holistic strategy,” Forbes has named TrustArc solutions in its list of the 10 hottest data security and privacy technologies.

Specifically, Forbes included TrustArc in these categories:


Consent/data subject rights management: Managing consent of customers and employees, as well as enforcing their rights over the personal data that they share, allowing organizations to search, identify, segment, and amend personal data as necessary.


Data privacy management solutions: Platforms that help operationalize privacy processes and practices, supporting privacy by design and meeting compliance requirements and initiating auditable workflows.


These are just two of the areas where TrustArc can help organizations meet compliance with privacy frameworks and new laws, such as the GDPR. If you would like to learn more about TrustArc solutions, including Data Inventory and Mapping, contact us.