TrustArc, the leading privacy compliance management company, announced a major expansion of its award-winning privacy platform to simplify compliance management for GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other privacy regulations.


The enhancements include a set of dynamic components, including regulatory updates, risk scores, program status, and other privacy program Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) integrated into a unified privacy program management dashboard.


The privacy regulatory landscape is changing dramatically, and businesses are looking for ways to stay on top of the new requirements. The major catalysts have been the GDPR and CCPA (which goes into effect January 1, 2020).


Still, there have been over 50 additional laws and regulations adopted in the past 12 months, including announcements from Brazil (LGPD), China, Nigeria, and over a dozen U.S. states.


While the laws and regulations share many common elements, they each require varying levels of support for privacy risk assessments, consent, individual rights, breach response, and compliance reports.


Chris Babel, TrustArc CEO commented, “Achieving and maintaining compliance with the new regulations is becoming impossible without an automated system to plan, analyze, and manage privacy across the company. Also, to ensure compliance, companies need assistance from IT, HR, Marketing, and other groups outside of legal and privacy.


Getting all of these groups involved requires the system to be usable by people who are not privacy experts, and today’s platform enhancements were designed to help make privacy management easier.”


Enhancements Bolster TrustArc Platform Offerings

The TrustArc Platform is a modular solution powered by a proprietary privacy intelligence engine, which can manage a broad range of privacy management needs including data inventory / mapping, risk management, assessment automation (PIA, DPIA), website monitoring, cookie consent, marketing consent and individual rights / DSAR.


The new platform capabilities include:


Privacy Program Dashboard

The dashboard provides a centralized, comprehensive view of key cross-program privacy compliance KPIs and actionable insights accessible through a configurable, drag-and-drop user interface. The initial dashboard components include:


    • Regulatory news updates and insights
    • Privacy program maturity level
    • Assessment status
    • Data inventory status
    • Risk scores
    • Control effectiveness
    • Vendor management
    • Task management


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