Companies can now provide preference management across mobile or desktop platforms through a single smart tag technology solution


San Francisco, CA – September 15th, 2015 – Today, TRUSTe announced the addition of Dynamic Platform Detection to the TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager. This new capability means companies can implement consumer preference management seamlessly across all their desktop and mobile campaigns with a single smart tag and at the same time provide consumers with greater assurance that their privacy preferences are being honored across devices.

Consumers use an increasingly diverse array of devices to navigate their daily lives from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet-connected TVs. This means every day people interact with a huge range of platforms, software applications, service providers, and publishers and recent research shows they are increasingly concerned about the ways they’re being tracked online. Regulators are also concerned about the proliferation of devices and tracking technologies with the Federal Trade Commission hosted a workshop on Nov. 16, 2015, to examine the privacy issues around the tracking of consumers’ activities across their different devices for advertising and marketing purposes.

TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager is a comprehensive technology solution that overcomes the challenges of addressing consumer privacy preferences in desktop and mobile across any platform, device, or cookie/non-cookie environment. With the addition of Dynamic Platform Detection, TRUSTe is taking the industry one step closer to a universal opt-out which can be supported and guaranteed across a variety of connected advertising environments.

“Many consumers are embracing the convenience and benefits of connected devices,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe. “However, the use of different tracking technologies to serve relevant ads across these platforms remains a privacy concern for consumers and a challenge to industry seeking to deliver and honor advertising preferences.

Our innovative privacy technology continues to makes it easier for companies to address consumer concerns and meet the needs of the new cross-device connected world.”

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Chris Babel will speak about Smart TV and Video advertising privacy at the leading Privacy and Security conference Privacy.Security.Risk in Las Vegas on October 1st.

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