Today, we announced more than a dozen new customers have selected TRUSTed Mobile Ads as their mobile advertising privacy management platform of choice.

TRUSTed Mobile Ads is the industry’s first and only comprehensive mobile advertising privacy management platform. Launched earlier this year, the TRUSTed Mobile Ads solution has now reached significant scale and serves more than one billion privacy-safe mobile ads.

The suite of products and technologies helps marketers who are striving to invest in digital marketing as their global customers spend more time online and with mobile devices.

Chris Babel, TrustArc CEO, explained, “TRUSTe commends the entire advertising community for its early adoption of privacy best practices for mobile. As evidenced by our research, consumer mobile privacy concerns are rising and outpacing other online markets.

TRUSTed Mobile Ads addresses the top challenges for the mobile ecosystem by educating consumers about how interest-based mobile advertising works from the start and giving them the choice to manage their preferences – right from their smartphone or tablet.

By building trust for emerging technologies, TRUSTed Mobile Ads provides a critical bridge between new and innovative advertising opportunities and consumer concerns.”

The ability for businesses to target audiences with meaningful and relevant messages is still in its infancy for several reasons.

Firstly, the ecosystem is fragmented with multiple systems.

Secondly, consumers lack insight and awareness of preference management solutions and how they provide access to persistent ad preferences and controls. TRUSTed Mobile Ads unifies these disparate pieces of the ecosystem to provide an easy-to-use solution for businesses to share with consumers to understand privacy and their rights when it comes to individual choice and informational notice.

Featuring the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Advertising Option Icon on mobile in-ad placements, TRUSTed Mobile Ads gives the advertising ecosystem a comprehensive privacy solution that can be easily deployed across both mobile web and mobile apps, to meet emerging mobile regulatory requirements.

“Ensuring transparency and choice in how mobile advertisers and networks use information to provide a more useful, relevant experience for consumers is a high priority for the marketing community,” said DAA’s Managing Director Lou Mastria. “We welcome having solutions such as TRUSTed Mobile Ads – in sync with our Ad Options principles – as an example for the entire advertising ecosystem, and that helps make everyone more aware about mobile privacy requirements and best practices.”

Together with the TRUSTed Ads platform for web advertising, TrustArc is the largest provider of OBA (online behavioral advertising) compliant services worldwide, serving more than 40B privacy-safe ads per month.